4 benefits DDIs can bring to your business


A direct dial inward number, or DDI number, is a phone number assigned to a specific employee or department within your business. It works by simply assigning each extension a unique phone numbers. As a result, incoming callers are able to avoid the switchboard and speak directly to the right team or team member.

DDIs can benefit your business in ways you may not expect, from all areas from your receptionist to your marketing team. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Cost savings

If your business has multiple locations, DDIs can be established from one location and assigned to others accordingly, meaning that you only need to invest in a single phone system. Utilising IP technology and DDI numbers, you can install IP phones at the remote locations and have DDIs assigned to your dial tone at the main location. This eliminates cost and maintenance of a PBX at each site as well as associated monthly dial tone bills.

DDIs can also reduce labour expenses by reducing receptionist and/or operator duties. If each employee has a dedicated DDI, the receptionist can be reached only when needed by the incoming caller, rather than answering every incoming call. Enabling them to attend to other duties during the day not only maximises their efficiency, but potentially reduces labour costs.


DDIs allow callers to gain quick, direct access to each employee. This way, they are not left on hold, listening to an automated attendant or going through several prompts. As result, hold times will be shortened, frustration minimised and telephone traffic managed more efficiently.


Marketing departments benefit significantly from DDIs as they allow the team to track the success of each of their campaigns.

Each number can essentially work as an alternative to a landing page if the targeted demographic is more likely to engage with a phone number than an online link. The marketing team can utilise DDIs by using a different number for each campaign or each element of a campaign (whether it's a newspaper advert, trade show, brochure etc) and understand where enquiries are coming from.

DDIs can also allow your marketing department to advertise in other geographical areas, as you are able to get a local DDI for each area regardless of whether your company is based there.

Customer Experience

Customers ultimately feel like they're receiving better level of service when they can directly reach and individual. There is a more personal element in calling a person rather than a company.

If your business isn't making use of DDI numbers, get in touch with Sirus to find out how we can help.