4 huge benefits CCTV can bring to your business


Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, is a security measure worth every penny for your business. If you haven't already considered installing a surveillance system, consider just a few of the ways it can help protect and reassure your premises, staff and customers:

1. Crime detection

CCTV can act as an "electronic witness" in the unfortunate event of a crime occurring at your premises, imperative in proving guilt, innocence or association. Footage is commonly used in police investigations to help place times, locations and of course suspects, so having CCTV in place means any crimes that affect your business can be solved much more easily.

2. Crime reduction

Before it even gets to that, it goes without saying that installing CCTV cameras are likely to deter criminals before a crime even happens. The sight of a camera can attract the attention of potential criminals and instil the fear of being caught.

3. Staff safety & performance

Observing staff at work is a controversial subject, but in some industries it's a necessity. It's not just about measuring performance and keeping an eye on the number of breaks people take; CCTV can help ensure the safety of your staff - for example when they are using machinery or dealing with the public.

If an accident occurs as a result of operating dangerous machinery, CCTV footage will clearly indicate the cause of the accident and in extreme cases, be presented to the relevant Health and Safety boards for analysis. The footage may also become invaluable archive material to provide lessons to employees and highlight any changes that need to be implemented.

In areas such as receptions, retails stores and public service businesses, your employees will deal with members of the public on a regular basis. Unfortunately, verbal and physical abuse is a growing problem, and CCTV footage will provide invaluable evidence so that authorities can take the appropriate action. Additionally, perpetrators who know they're being observed may be less likely to lash out, meaning that a surveillance system will protect your employees from potential harm.

4. False insurance claims

Due to the rise of 'no win, no win' legal firms, there has been a growing trend of false insurance claims. Growing numbers of claimants state they have been seriously injured as a result of an accident that wasn't their fault, when the reality is that there was little or no injury.

With CCTV installed, your business will be able to present the insurers with the evidence of the incident and mitigate the losses of such claims. This avoids large payouts to any employees or customers who falsely claim injury.


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