6 easy ways to Speed up your internet

Are you tired of staring at your computer and yelling about the speed of your internet? Don’t worry anymore. You can speed up your internet connection with just a few easy steps:

Downloading Large Files:

You should avoid downloading larger files at the peak hours of a particular day. This is because most of the internet service providers are known to apply traffic management policies which will prevent the internet users from downloading larger files with lots of content during the times when all people in the particular area is using the internet.

Hence, completely avoiding the download of larger files would help you to increase the speed. More usually the peak internet hours will be between 7 to 11 pm.

Router Re-setting

Re-setting of your routers, is really very simple and they can be able to reset your internet connection much effectively when at the same time they will be able to clear up glitches of any kind.

For achieving this, you will have to just turn off your router along with your set top box and Wi-Fi receiver and you should wait for 30 seconds approximately. After 30 seconds, you can turn them on again.

Flushing Your DNS

At the times when you are finding problem in loading any particular website, you must try flushing the settings of your DNS. For this you have to just type ‘CMD’ into the run box of the start-up bar and then you have to type ‘ipconfig flushdns’.

This action will effectively reset your internet connection, thereby, preventing some of the loading issues that are faced by the users.

Clearing Web Cache

It is always a good practice to clear the cache of your web browser in a regular basis.

You can perform this by using the ‘Tools’ option under ‘Settings’ Tab. This action will be more effective in increasing the speed of your internet connection.

Getting a New Router

Have you had the same router for a long time? Your internet service provider would have most probably upgraded and will be offering better hardware services to the new customers.

You can be entitled for a free upgrade of your hardware which can improve your internet speeds to a greater extent. Another option will be to replace your old router with a new one.

Setting Password for Router

If you don't have a password for your router, you must know that anyone can be able to access your bandwidth and this will cause the internet speeds to slow down.

Hence, always make sure that you have set a complex password to your router.

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