Sirus Success Story: Upfront & Personnel

Who are Upfront & Personnel?

Founded in 2001 Upfront & Personnel was formed to provide a professional and honest service to the Construction Sector. Upfront & Personnel has developed an unrivalled reputation as a dynamic, professional and ethical recruitment company. They give Candidates the opportunity to move onwards and upwards within their target sector, whilst being able to offer unique Candidates to their Clients.

Respected as a premier recruitment specialist in the Construction Sector, they specialise in both temporary and permanent placement to all sectors of the industry.


Upfront & Personnel were using an outdated phone system with very limited features. The system was proving to be costly to run and it wasn’t helping to improve the overall customer experience. In addition to this they were paying excessive charges for both their call charges, line rental and broadband.

The key benefits Upfront & Peronnel required were;

  • Lower telephony costs
  • Scalable quickly
  • Minimum capital investment
  • No system maintenance
  • A fantastic serviceSolution

How Sirus helped

Lowered costs

Sirus substantially lowered Upfront & Personnel’s telephone bills. This has delivered Upfront & Personnel over 40% savings in call costs and line rentals.

Scalable quickly and at low cost

The new system is flexible and easily scalable as Upfront & Personnel grows, allowing them to add new users quickly without having to wait for an engineer to visit.

No system maintenance

Due to us being able to be access the system remotely there are no onsite support issues, enabling Upfront & Personnel to get on with the job without having to tie up their own technical resource supporting an in-house system. What’s more there are no expensive support contracts.


Sirus offer an unrivalled customer service. Meaning that if there is a problem with the telephone system they are always able to get hold of someone to offer technical help and ensure the problem is resolved quickly.

What did they Say?

"After you visited our offices we were suprised to see that you could not only help us save money on our telephone telephone bills but you could also provide a new state of the art telephone system for no extra cost, meaning the business can grow without worrying about its infrastructure" Tim Bond, Managing Director