Sirus Success Story: Download Veterinary Group

Who are The Downland Veterinary Group?

The Downland Veterinary Group started in Chichester in 1946.  Initially concentrating on farm work the practice expanded to Emsworth in the 1970’s to open a small animal clinic and covered a whole range of farm, equine and companion animal work.  As the veterinary profession changed the practice has stayed at the forefront of medicine and surgery and over the last two decades they have concentrated solely on small animal work.  Today they have six vet practices covering Hampshire and West Sussex offering the highest quality care for the regions pets.


As DVG are spread across a large geographic area their priority was to link all their practices and centralise their operations.

Rather than having 6 practices with 6 different telephone systems they wanted to ensure that every practice was using the same equipment and could transfer calls easily and efficiently.

They also wanted to ensure there was a system in place to ensure that if there were issues with the telephone lines at one site they could be rerouted quickly to avoid any disruption

They wanted to use this opportunity to look at their whole communications budget from the cost of their calls to the cost of their maintenance.

The key benefits DVG required were;

  • Linking Sites
  • Reduce Telephone Lines
  • Centralise Operation
  • Fail Overs

How Sirus Helped

Linking Sites

One thing DVG did not want was a telephone system at each site due to the costs involved. Therefore using their broadband connections at each site we were able to set up a VPN to link all their sites to one main system. This meant that all their calls could come from one destination and then be transfer as needed.

Reduce Telephone Lines

DVG has a number of lines at each of their offices. In addition to this they were unable to transfer calls between their practices. By transferring them on to our award winning SIP platform we were able to provide them with 20 SIP trunks at their main site. This means that all calls come in and out of this one site and that no site is limited to the amount of traffic they can receive.

Centralised Operation

By putting the Panasonic telephone system at their main site they are able to communicate between each practice easily. In addition to this they can also utilise the 20 lines at all of their sites, rather than being restricted to 1 or 2 lines.

Fail Over

Due to 5 out of 6 of the practices relying on their broadband connection we ensured there was a fail over line at each practice. This means that if their broadband is effected it will automatically redirect to that fail over line. In addition to this there is the facility to transfer the practices to the main office if required.

What Did They Say?

“By grouping the practices communication together we have found that not only has it reduced the monthly cost it has improved how we operate as we now have 1 central point of contact for the company. When our broadband went down at one of our sites we didn’t know as the fail over kicked in straight away. Overall we have been extremely happy with the product and more so the service they provide us both on the phone and when visiting site”. Andy Vawer, Director & Veterinary surgeon