Guard your business against Lightning!

Look around your office. How does your business communicate with its customers, suppliers and colleagues? Now write down the things that came to mind in a list, and order them with the most important method at the top.

More than likely you will end up with a list that includes your telephone, fax, email system and website.

Now imagine how each of these communication methods would be affected if you had an office power cut, flood or your main telephone lines were effected by lightening!

If you are like most businesses the telephone is your most important communication tool and as such you cannot afford to take it for granted.

If you have ever experienced a telephone line or system outage you’ll appreciate how stressful it can be. Fortunately this situation doesn’t happen very often; however that in itself can make it even more stressful, particularly as most businesses do not plan for such a scenario.

To ensure you have protected yourself against financial losses and stress should your telephone system fail, consider the following:

  •    How long could my business survive without access to a working telephone?
  •    How much money would I lose if we were unable to “trade” for 1 hour, a day, a week or longer?
  •    How long do I have to activate a solution before my business is severely impacted?
  •    How can I intelligently deliver inbound calls to 100% of the workforce affected by the “disaster”?
  •    How easy is it to establish and set up different call routing plans?
  •    How easy is it to maintain and update the alternative call plans as staff join, leave, fall sick?
  •    What can my telephone carrier really provide, at what cost, and with what level of control?

We work with businesses like yours to provide a tailored business continuity communications plan that works when you need it.

This can be as simple as re-routing your business phone number to your mobile or home phone. If your plan requires it we can even:

  •    Enable staff to receive and make calls from home;
  •    Automatically route calls to other landlines and mobiles;
  •    Provide menu driven routing and recorded messages;
  •    Offer call queuing and professional phone answering;
  •    Support fax storage and delivery.

Contact Sirus today to find out how we can help ensure you stay connected on 0333 222 1133.