Introducing Sirus SO WIFI

SO WiFi is the perfect solution, built specifically for public facing WiFi, that incorporates a captive portal.

SO Wi-Fi provides a seamless user experience for guest wireless that enables your customers to self register to gain access to your wireless network. 

Returning guests will automatically be recognised as having logged on previously and will be greeted upon re-connection. User statistics and behaviours are recorded and will provide you with valuable insight into their use of your network.

Plug & Play Setup – It all starts with plugging in the access point, so that our WIFI platform starts gathering the desired visitor information that you've specified. No difficult setup needed. To top it off: your customers get fast, easy and secure guest-WiFi that markets your business and allows your automated marketing behaviours to start once they're online.

Build your online presence automatically – Your visitors could have to “like” and follow you on Social Media, in exchange for enjoying fast and easy guest-WiFi. This builds up your online reputation and following automatically, while Sirus WIFI gathers all relevant information from people’s Social Media profiles.

Get powerful visitor insights & build your contact list – As your visitors use your guest- WiFi, the SO WIFI system gathers your visitors’ personal data. This includes Age, Gender, Email address, Location, Interests and more. You’ll get powerful insights into who exactly your customers are, and build contact lists of proven visitors faster than ever before.

Reach out to your customers directly – Get more repeat visits – Powerful messaging tool, automated messaging and various communication channels.

Higher Turnover and Visits – A powerful marketing platform that allows you to leverage your location based business and get more out of it. Allowing you to grow your online presence, display anything to your visitors and they login, blast.



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