Dont lose out to your competitors - Never miss a call again.

According to research, businesses lose around £90 million a year due to missed calls. Many SMEs can’t afford this missed business opportunity. Incoming calls simply need to be answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Missed calls can lead potential customers to contact a competitor who’s more responsive.

iCS report is an intuitive application providing essential dashboards, wallboards and reports to monitor inbound and outbound calls.

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Creating and running reports can be time-consuming, so the dashboard has been designed to deliver up to date information in a highly graphical way using live tiles. Live tiles are mini reports (or widgets) which are refreshed regularly and displayed in tabular or graphical formats.

The report module comes with a catalogue of predefined widgets including: grade of service, caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, extension detailed information, web page, DDI call information.

You are also able to create live tiles from your own specifically targeted reporting data. Any report with any combination of filters can be turned into a widget and displayed as a graph, wallboard, speedometer, thermometer or table.

Wallboard alarms

Wallboard live tiles allow alarm thresholds to be set for the data being displayed. Triggers can be set for dropping below or rising above threshold figures. An email can be sent when the alarm is triggered. Different thresholds can be set for weekends / weekdays.

Flexible reporting

For businesses that provide outbound call services to clients / third parties or wish to segment billing costs, a catalogue of standard, highly configurable reports is included, that can be customised to your exact requirements.

DDI reporting

Monitor inbound calls to your DDI numbers to analyse performance figures for the Grade of Service and Percentage of Calls Answered (PCA). Caller tolerance helps you to understand how long customers are prepared to wait to be answered.

Unreturned missed calls

Missed calls are defined as unreturned when either the caller has not called back and been answered successfully, or when a member of staff has not yet returned the call.

Unreturned missed calls can be identified by intelligent CLI (Calling Line Identity), enabling a rapid recovery of abandoned or lost calls. This report can be displayed as a widget.

Executive summary

High level reporting collates information from multiple reports, observations & recommended actions and can be emailed to key decision makers.

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