Sirus Success Story: MKA Architects

Who are MKA Architects?

Kent based MKA Architects has built a reputation for original and high quality design since its formation in 1985. Their Kent based team aim to design and create high quality spaces and buildings which enrich and inspire you.

They are experienced in working in a wide range of sectors including commercial, education, housing (private and multi-unit) and public buildings anywhere from rural spaces to city centres.

In addition to their design, planning and management skills, MKA Architects are committed to improving the quality of our built environment and as a consequence have been part of design competitions and award judging panels and have been represented on the South East Regional Design Panel (SERDP) and Kent Design Future (KDF) Enabling Team.

What did they want?

MKA were looking to upgrade their current old digital system to a cloud platform.

They were using an outdated phone system with very limited features. The system was proving to be costly to run and it wasn’t helping to improve the overall customer experience. In addition to this they were paying excessive charges for both their call charges, line rental and broadband.

The key benefits MKA required were;

  • Minimal outlay
  • reduce costs
  • Latest phones and functionality
  • Call recording
  • Complete control

How did we help?

Latest Phones

After an initial site visit we supplied MKA with the latest in IP phones giving them the opportunity to have each individual programmed specifically programmed. The LIP phones also ensured they could see who was phoning them and provided them with a better user experience.

Reduce Costs

As well as the outlay being minimal we were also able to identify where they were being overcharged and what areas we could help with. Not only did we manage to provide them a new telephone system but it saved them money as well!

One of the many features that come with our cloud offering is the ability to record calls either on demand or 24/7. This was great for them as not all the phones needed to record all calls. It meant that they could record all calls on some phones and record other calls on demand.

Complete Control

By using our on line portal meant the customer has full control over the telephone system, from changing buttons on phones, to changing whose phone rings. This was one of the key features they were looking for as they didn't want to rely on someone else to do everything, although we are always there to help when needed!

What Did They Say?

“From start to finish everyone at Sirus have been a great help. From when Mat visited us to when Aaron came to install the system. The after support has continued and we can speak to the same person every time we phone them, which we didn't have with our last supplier. Thanks Team Sirus!"