4 ways to grow your business using social WiFi marketing


It's easy to see the benefit of social WiFi for your visitors - free WiFi while they visit. But aside from a potentially increased footfall, the benefits it can bring to your business growth aren't so obvious.

Physical venues can't always access cost-effective marketing strategies and analytics as easily as online retailers. This is where social WiFi marketing comes in. Providing social WiFi will allow you to gather a range of data on your visitors, including:

  • daily user totals
  • customer loyalty history
  • email addresses
  • social media accounts
  • device type
  • user demographics (age, location etc.)

With this data, you can build more focused marketing strategies. Here are some of our favourite ways to use the data:

Build customer relationships & increase engagement

As you collect more and more customer data, demographic patterns will start to emerge that allow you to build a picture of your average customer. This picture can be incredibly valuable when it comes to crafting marketing campaigns to reach your customer base

Export your contacts for email marketing

When a customer uses their email address to log into your social WiFi network, you can give them the option to opt in to receive marketing emails. This allows you to automatically save and access their email addresses with the ability to export them to a number of third party email platforms such as MailChimp. You can then target them for newsletters, product announcements, email-exclusive offers and more.

Create visitor surveys

Asking for opinions on customer experience will give you valuable information of general reactions to your services and figure out what's working well and what needs to change. You can also gain outside input on more specific situations like any recent changes you may have made or insights into where operations may be coming up short and causing a drop in sales.

Just like email marketing, this is easily done by exporting the email addresses of those who have opted in into a tool like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.

Targeted social media ads

The ever-expanding list of social media followers that stems from customer logging into your WiFi presents a perfect opportunity for targeted ads across your platforms.

This is a great way to promote new products, announce sales, promote events or even just say thank you - and keep your business at the forefront of peoples' minds.

sirus and so wifi will bring big benefits your business and your customers - get in touch to find out how