Count how many people are entering your premises

THE NEW Density Control Solution just launched by Hikvision is designed to help the staff at supermarkets, retailers, Post Offices, banks and other buildings and facilities manage the number of people on their premises at any given time.

With social distancing an ongoing requirement in public places at present, Hikvision’s system uses highly accurate people-counting technology, a clear, dynamic display and real-time alerts to ensure that pre-defined capacity thresholds are never exceeded, even in those locations with multiple entrances and exits.

Optional central management software allows end users to obtain in-depth business intelligence reports for trend analysis. Importantly, the Hikvision Density Control Solution can be easily and rapidly deployed.

The solution allows organisations to reduce the number of staff required to be physically present at doors as the remaining capacity is clearly displayed. Additionally, the highly accurate nature of the cameras’ people-counting functions – which make effective use of 3D binocular stereo vision and Deep Learning algorithms – means that potentially complex counts in multi-door sites are no longer an issue.

The Density Control Solution is designed to be simple to use and highly accurate, with options to suit all potential application scenarios. There’s a single door option for smaller establishments and also a version incorporating multiple people-counting cameras for multiple doors. The Density Control Solution can also be managed across multiple sites using the HikCentral management software.

In all of these scenarios, a clear and very easily understood dynamic data display monitor is sited at each entrance, providing those awaiting entry with real-time updates on the number of people inside. An alert is created when the pre-configured maximum is reached, while an audio alarm can be triggered if anyone attempts to enter the building before the numbers go below that threshold.

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