Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras from Sirus

With the advent of viral outbreaks like COVID-19, enhanced measures need to be in place for some businesses to maintain the wellbeing of employees and customers alike.

Across the UK businesses are utilising thermal imaging to maintain and safeguard business operations, allowing for greater health security and initial detection before issues occur.

thermal camerasUsing thermal cameras can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening. A variety of organisations including factories, transportation, manufacturing and first responders use thermal screening as an Elevated Body Temperature detection method and as part of employee health and screening.

Sirus Telecom can implement thermal imaging systems for any business across the UK.

Detecting any security threats early is the best way to prevent issues from spiralling and this is no different from viral and health security challenges.

Thermal imaging used to detect elevated body temperatures is one measure that can be applied in the early detection of health problems and allows suspected carriers to be assessed for further screening before any potential spread can occur.

One of the key indicators for detecting COVID-19 is elevated body temperature and early detection can be key to reducing the risk of spread, especially in environments where there is a large workforce or high foot traffic.

Considering social distancing measures, taking the temperature of individuals with traditional methods can be a major risk. Thermal imaging can scan multiple individuals simultaneously at a safe distance without the need for operators to come into contact or get close to customers and employees.


Body Temperature Detection Systems can accurately detect facial temperatures of multiple individuals at once, with high levels of accuracy, which is ideal for monitoring body temperatures at entrances to events, retail stores, construction sites, warehouses, transport hubs and buildings.

Using advanced facial recognition, thermal cameras use face temperature to make accurate temperature measurements. Using facial recognition also minimises false readings, such as a person carrying hot food or a drink. With amazingly fast response times and the capacity to measure multiple people at once, consequently easing the need to slow traffic through a detection area.


Why Thermal?

Thermal imaging is used for temperature screening and detection for many reasons. Often thermal screening is set up at border points such as airports, seaports and in public places, these are busy areas often having many people passing through at a time. If traditional thermometer methods were used on every single person, others would incur major delays. Thermal Imaging cameras can solve this problem as they can be set-up to scan a large number of people at one time.

It is also important to note when using a conventional thermometer, the readings are at a single point, but a thermal image uses 1000’s of temperature readings to build up a 2-dimensional picture of the face of the person. This allows for improved screening and more accurate temperature readings over other methods.

Whether your business is a factory, office, airport, station or other public place this solution could help you today.