The 3 ways music on hold can improve your business

music on hold

No matter how efficient your customer service is, you'll have to place callers on hold from time to time. Whether a call is being transferred, a query is being resolved or all the lines are simply busy, every now and again someone will be left waiting.

You already know that customer satisfaction is essential to your business, so it's beneficial to make their wait as pleasant as possible. Bespoke music or marketing on hold is a brilliant solution that will allow you to promote your business as well as reduce the risk of losing callers.

Advertise your business

When a caller is on hold, you have a captive audience right there on the other end of the line. It's the perfect opportunity to engage with them by advertising your products, services and/or offers.

On hold advertising is a simple yet effective marketing solution which is cost effective and flexible. Keep current and potential customers up-to-date with your latest launches, let them know that you offer more than they may have expected or highlight any special offers. You could even provide an offer exclusively for those who hear the message. 

Retain more callers

Callers who hear silence while on hold are likely to wonder whether they've been disconnected. With nothing but silence, callers will hang up after an average of only 40 seconds, while adding on-hold music will keep them on the line for up to 2.5 minutes. Add marketing or informational messages, and they'll stay for up to 4 minutes.

Don't forget - losing calls will lose you sales!

Build your professional image

While callers are waiting for assistance you have an opportunity to positively reinforce your corporate brand.

Try saving your callers valuable time by preemptively answering FAQs, such as opening times, enquiry procedures, locations and directions, or reassure the caller that their call is still connected and is being dealt with. Even simply playing music will improve your reputation, as business who have nothing but silence on hold can seem small-time and unprofessional.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your callers see you as professional and attentive.

All of Sirus' business phone systems come with professional music on hold capabilities. design and create the script you want your customers to hear when they are placed on hold.

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